If you do not see your question answered, or if you require further assistance, please email our support group. We respond to all inquiries within 48 hrs.


Questions about MY EXISTING ORDER

Q: I ordered tickets but did not receive a confirmation email. What do I do?

Confirmation emails are sent immediately upon completion of the transaction. If you have spam blocking or require senders to seek approval, you may not receive it. If you do not appear to receive it, please check the spam or junk mail folders for your email account. If you still cannot find the email, simply email info@smarTix.com.au and we will investigate it further for you.


Q: I am trying to process the order and it’s taking a long time to process. How long should I expect for the order to go through?

Normal processing time will vary based on your internet connection and browser. If your order has been “processing”” for longer than 3 minutes, do not process a new order! You should not process a new order until you have confirmed whether or not your first attempt was successful. If you complete multiple purchases in error, please immediately contact smarTix.com on info@smarTix.com.au. Check your email (including the spam folder) to see if the 1st order has in fact gone through…..you would have received a confirmation email.

If you still want to check with us prior to putting a possible 2nd order through, simply email us at info@smarTix.com.au


Q: My tickets haven’t arrived. Where are they?

All orders are processed within 48 hours. If you haven’t received anything by the 3rd working day email us at info@smarTix.com.au and will investigate further.


Q: I ordered tickets for an event within 72 hours of the event, and wondering how I get my tickets?

All tickets ordered within 72 hours of the scheduled date, will be made available at the venue and can be collected from the box office. You will need to provide photo ID and receipt to collect your ticket/s.


Q. What do I need to pick up my tickets?

To pick up your tickets at the Box Office, you MUST bring your confirmation number and a VALID PHOTO ID (valid state issued photo ID card or current passport) that corresponds to the name on the credit card used to purchase the ticket. No tickets will be released to you without proper identification. There are no refunds for tickets that are not picked up. You are responsible for checking the age limit for the event as well as bringing proper identification for any applicable concession fares. No refunds will be processed for patrons who do not have valid identification for admittance to an age restricted event.


Q: I think I entered the wrong email address. What do I do?

Send an email to info@smarTix.com.au or phone 1300 661 009 and we will look into it for you.


Q: I have lost\thrown my tickets away, what do I do?

You will be required to produce a full receipt of the transaction. This will help us identify your transaction against our records. The lost ticket will be cancelled and a new ticket issued to you immediately.


Q: I’ve just noticed when completing the order that I purchased tickets to the wrong event….what can I do?

If you email us the details within one (1) hour, a refund will be arranged. However it should be noted that this may not always be the case as different promoters have different rules.


Q: If I purchased tickets, but find I can no longer attend the show, can I get a refund?

There is no refund on purchased tickets. We don’t however have an issue you with giving away your tickets to a friend.


Q: The event I purchased tickets for has been postponed\rescheduled. What do I need to do?

Immediately we are advised by the promoter that an event has been postponed or rescheduled, you will be sent an email with notification as to when the date of the event has been changed to. This email will usually contain information regarding the new date (if available) and the refund options available to you. If the new date is not known at the time of postponement you will receive an email at a later date.

NEVER discard hard tickets for a postponed\rescheduled event as their return is often required to get a refund when an event has been rescheduled.


Q: I heard that the event for which I purchased has been cancelled. What should I do?

If an event is cancelled and not rescheduled, we will send you an email on behalf of the promoter, advising of what steps you will need to do in getting a refund. Refunds are normally for the full ticket price. All ticketed events are scheduled to be held regardless of weather conditions. Sometimes weather or other outside considerations make the performance impossible to complete. In such instances, the event venue or the event promoter are charged with making the final determination of cancellation and refund availability. smarTix will automatically issue refunds ONLY if an event is cancelled in its entirety. Refunds for rescheduled shows will be provided only with the venue or promoter’s consent. NEVER discard hard tickets until you have received a refund for a cancelled event.


Q: I really wanted to see an opening act, but they will no longer be performing. The headlining band will still perform. Can I get a refund?

No refund will be given if an opening act is changed or cancelled, unless the venue or promoter approves it.


Questions about ORDERING TICKETS

Q: The screen says I did not complete the transaction in time. Why?

We only allow you 2 mins to complete the transaction and if you haven’t completed the transaction within that time period, you will be required to log back in and start all over again. This security procedure is for everyone’s protection in case you leave your computer unattended for some reason.


Q: In entering my information I got an error message stating “Your email verification does not match”. Why?

You will receive this message when the address you entered in the email field does not match the address entered in the verify email field. This is often the result of making a copy\paste error where you have inadvertently pasted an extra space before or after your address in the verify email field.


Q: Why do I get an error message for “invalid credit card” when I try to purchase tickets?

There are several reasons why you may be getting an error. The name entered under billing information must exactly match the name on your credit card as should the billing address, including post code. The credit card number should be entered without spaces or dashes. The card type must match the selection made in the drop down box (MC\VISA etc). If you are still experiencing a problem, you may wish to contact the card issuing bank for assistance.


Q: I don’t have a credit card. Can I still use your site?

smarTix not only accepts Credit Card payments but you will also find on our site that you are able to still make ticket purchases via Pay Pal.


Q: How come I was on your site yesterday and was told there were no tickets available, yet today there are?

The promoter\venue determines what, if any, tickets will be held, sold or released for public sale. If a performance is listed as SOLD OUT or Unavailable you may want to check the site periodically to see if tickets have been released.


Q: The website says that tickets are “Sold Out”. What does that mean?

When tickets are sold out, there are no tickets remaining for the event through smarTix. In some instances, tickets may still be available through the venue box office. You should contact the box office directly to inquire about any remaining tickets.


Q: The event just went on sale, why are there no tickets available?

Just like you, thousands of other customers may be trying to purchase tickets. With popular events, it is possible to receive a message that says seats are currently unavailable. If a customer begins the purchase process and decides not to continue their seats are released back for sale. You should try refreshing your browser or try again later.


Questions about smarTix

Q: I have a charge on my account from smarTix, but I don’t remember using your service. Who are you?

We provide ticketing services for ticketed events in Australia. While most tickets are sold online, and if you don’t personally recall such a purchase, please check with other household members. If you still don’t recognize the charge, please email info@smarTix.com.au. When emailing please provide the following additional information: transaction date; transaction amount and the last four digits of the credit card charged.


Q: Is smarTix.com a secure website?

We utilize the latest technological advances to ensure that your transaction is secure. Our Secure Socket Layer (SSL) software is the best available today for secure electronic commerce transactions. It encrypts all of your information, including your credit card number, so that it cannot be read as the information travels over the Internet. You will find the secure icon on the pages where you enter your personal information.


Q: I would like to order tickets online. Is my PC\MAC compatible with your site?

You can expect smarTix will be compatible with most operating systems. However because browsers are user configurable we cannot troubleshoot browser related issues..


Q. What should I do if I am disputing a charge?

If you feel you have been charged in error, please contact us at info@smarTix.com.au for immediate assistance. Disputing the charge with your credit card company is time-consuming and unnecessary since most issues can easily be resolved with the help of our friendly support staff.


Q: I still do not have the answer to my question. How can I contact smarTix?

smarTix can be reached by emailing info@smarTix.com.au or by phone during normal business hours on 1300 661 009

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